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Looking for an (experienced) engineer? SUPAIR is here to help!

At SUPAIR, we specialize in acquiring technical talent and boast wide knowledge of the current market. We connect emplyers and starters, professionals, and internationals, forming a valueable link between business and engineer.

Talent pool

Our extensive database contains mostly recent graduates (80%), as well as engineers with professional experience (20%). Job mediation at SUPAIR is a deeply personal fit tailored to your company's profile.


Candidates presented to you are selected based on their knowledge, personality, talent and motivation. We adopt a personal approach and talk to our candidates extensively during their intake interview and follow ups. This allows us to select those candidates who will be an asset to your company. 


We actively look for candidates that fit your profile and specific wishes. Job vacancies are posted on our website, social media and are further spread through our other means. Once we find the perfect candidate, we introduce them to you (anonymously).

All communication between you and the candidate runs through SUPAIR.

Successful mediation

Did you and the candidate reach an agreement, mediation is considered successful. We proceed to shape the cooperation: will the candidate join your company directly, or willthe candidate be employed by SUPAIR and work for you on a temporary, short project? An initial period of employment via SUPAIR followed by a contract at your company at no additional fee can be discussed.

Highly skilled migrants: acknowledged referent

SUPAIR is an acknowledged referent and we specialize in all IND application. SUPAIR can also obtain the proper residence permits for non-EU engineers, whether with a Dutch diploma or not, from the IND.

Made to measure

Other forms of cooperation can be discussed. For instance, we could provide pay rolling possibilities or guidance in choosing the proper form of employment for (starting) companies. 

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